On Grouponzi


While I have an account, I’ve never actually used Groupon. And I may never use Groupon. It’s just not really my thing. But the massive backlash following the company’s S-1 filing (so they can IPO) strikes me as a bit odd. 

The fast rising consensus now in certain tech circles is that Groupon is essentially a Ponzi scheme (Grouponzi, FTW). The fact that their net income is well underwater (and going deeper) has everyone freaking out. As does the fact that some of the original investors (as well as founders) took hundreds of millions off the table in the last huge round.

But I’m more with Joe Stump on this. You cannot overlook the fact that they’re also making hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter now. The run-rate for this year could be over $3 billion.

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my teeth are rotting and falling out piece by piece. a very painful thing to deal with every day. i would love to have a dentist look at them but its a choice of food or teeth and either way im gonna die so id rather have a full stomach i suppose

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Episode 7: The Christmas Special


Come all ye gentlemen. Come ye ladies, too! The boys have released their Christmas Special, a frantic fumble with the quirky lady of board games. We’ve got dice games, solitaire games, print’n’play games, classics and MORE!

02:12 - Quarriors review

09:44 - Christmas… is… ruined?!

10:52 - Phantom Leader review

13:57 - Print’n’Play reviews

26:29 - Cosmic Encounter review

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In conjunction with the relaunch of their website, CNN asked me to examine their web statistics and create a visual record of the site’s last 13 years. We were both interested in telling a larger story about the growth of the Internet and the public’s changing media habits through the lens of such an influential and heavily trafficked site.

The process started by determining what metrics might hold an interesting narrative, and which ones were available over the entire lifespan of the site. CNN was able to provide me with daily page views, the top 20 days for each year and the most popular pages on those days. I was also provided with monthly category views and lists of the nations visiting the site.

The spike chart of average weekly page views forms the centerpiece of the chart. The busiest 10 weeks are called out, and the events associated with the week are highlighted below the x-axis… along with other events of cultural significance or large week-over-week gains. I also tracked the absolute and relative growth of their site categories over time, and highlighted several unique metrics at the top of the chart, including the busiest and slowest days of the year, and the number of countries that visit the site (192 at last count). Finally, to put everything in context, I found milestones in the history of the Internet for each year which I placed along the bottom of the chart to create context for the narrative.

Ultimately, I think the most fascinating story here is the change in our news habits after September 11, 2001. After this day, a new and higher baseline for visits to the site is established, and the inference is that this event really established CNN.com and the greater Internet as a reliable, timely and indispensable source for news.

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Next stop on our Amazing Journeys: Did you ever wish, like me, that you could explore our planet from above? I think it’s kinda sad that no one will ever get to journey from Earth inside the Space Shuttle ever again.

This is what it would have been like to sit in the cockpit.

Step inside the flight deck of the shuttle Discovery and click through for an interactive 360 degree tour.

What will the flight deck of tomorrow’s spacecraft look like?

(images by 360VR.com)

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